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Bestowed on a CPA who is a member of TXCPA. The individual, age 40 years or under as of the end of the current fiscal year, has made significant contributions to the accounting profession and the community and is a member of at least one other professional organization. Members serving on the TXCPA Awards Committee are ineligible for nomination.

Award winners will be recognized at the Annual Meeting Award Luncheon on June 28, 2024 in Frisco, TX. 

Some of the criteria to be considered in selecting a candidates include:

Demonstration of dedication to the profession through participation in professional activities and professional achievement such as:

  • If in public practice, became a supervisor, manager or partner;
  • If not in public practice, management level in industry or government, active faculty member, administrative management position or started a successful business;
  • Written an article which has been published and is significant to the profession or the public; and
  • Significant speaking engagements.

Significant accomplishments within TXCPA or a local chapter:

  • Committee chair or officer;
  • Outstanding committee member; and
  • Chair or outstanding participant of a major TXCPA or local chapter function or seminar.

Community contributions and significant achievements:

  • Religious organization;
  • Chamber of Commerce;
  • Civic clubs; and
  • Charitable organizations.

Membership in at least one other professional organization, such as:

  • AICPA, Institute of Management Accountants, and American Accounting Association

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