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Initiated to recognize TXCPA members who contribute responsibly as citizens of their respective communities and encourage CPAs to actively participate in, and make substantial service contributions to a broad scope of charitable and civic activities and to become leaders in their communities. The award is based on outstanding charitable, community and/or civic activities and other public service unrelated to regular duties performed as a member.

Members serving on the TXCPA Awards Committee are ineligible for nomination.

Award recipients will be recognized at the Annual Meeting Awards Luncheon on June 28, 2024 in Frisco, TX.

Each nominee should possess obvious credentials of specific accomplishments in the community, civic and charitable efforts.  Only public service activities are recognized; professional service related to accounting organizations or the profession is not considered in determining the award winner.


Some of the criteria to be considered in selecting a candidate for this award include:

  • A CPA member of TXCPA in good standing;
  • Participation in community, charitable and other civic activities on the local, state or national level, especially in a leadership capacity and on an ongoing basis;
  • Responsibility for a public service project that had a significant positive effect on the community;
  • Encouragement of participation in, and/or implementation of, public service projects through written articles or other published materials; and
  • Service in an outstanding manner as an appointed or elected government official at the local, state or national level.

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