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Regarded as the highest honor bestowed by TXCPA. The service recognized shall be to the Society or a chapter thereof through direct participation in its affairs or otherwise, if circumstances justify. Service at the national level should only be considered as it relates to the member's contribution to Texas.

Members serving on the TXCPA Awards Committee are ineligible for nomination.

Award recipients will be recognized at the Annual Meeting Awards Luncheon on June 28, 2024 in Frisco, TX. 

Some of the criteria to be considered in selecting a candidate for this award might include:

  • CPA member of TXCPA in good standing;
  • Shall have spent most of his/her career engaged in professional activities which emphasize the use of CPA competencies;
  • Shall have been an outstanding and recognized leader in TXCPA as well as the local chapter of TXCPA, probably having served as a committee chair, officer and Board of Directors member;
  • Shall have demonstrated the above types of outstanding leadership on a consistent basis for a number of years before, and possibly after, his/her retirement from his/her working career; and
  • Shall have been a spokesperson for the profession (last five years) through speeches or articles.

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