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Presented to a person who is not eligible for regular TXCPA membership but who has distinguished himself/herself within the accounting profession on a statewide basis. The award is generally reserved for those who have benefited accountancy for a significant period and who will, by position, employment or activity, continue to be identified with accountancy, its literature or its profession.

An individual may be nominated to become an Honorary Member by the Awards Committee from nominees submitted by TXCPA members and Chapters, and is subject to the approval by vote of the Leadership Council. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues, nor should they be eligible to hold office, chair a committee, or vote. 

Award winners will be recognized at the Annual Meeting Award Luncheon on June 28, 2024 in Frisco, TX. 

Some criteria include:

  • Distinguished at least within the profession on a statewide basis in accountancy and need not be a resident of the state of Texas;
  • Significant, honorable, and widely recognized work in executive or administrative activity of the AICPA, the state societies or chapters thereof affecting the practice of accountancy. Employees of TXCPA or its chapters may be considered for this award only as they approach retirement status or if they have had a history of combined service of more than thirty years to AICPA, TXCPA and/or its chapters, or other state CPA societies;
  • Activities by individuals that directly benefit the profession in continuing professional education in a substantive way, elevating the competence and image of the profession;
  • Activities by members of other professions, legislators or governmental employees (elected or appointed) that enhance the practice of accountancy and benefit the public by their actions; and
  • Service by individuals of an exceptional nature or value to the Accounting Education Foundation, TXCPA, the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA), or the PAC committees of the TXCPA or its chapters.

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